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Knowledge and understanding give you more power and control of your own situation.   Are you being given all your treatment options?  There are a vast array of dental restorative materials and procedures available today.  There are a number of  “no drilling “ techniques to restore your health and a beautiful smile.  Simple and cheap ways to control or eliminate dental disease are readily available.

If you need a second opinion or have questions with your treatment plan we can discuss your options along with what you should be asking your dentist.   We can evaluate films and x-rays, discussing with you exactly what is evident.
This information can help determine what is the best treatment for you, and if your dentist has educated you to all the options.  If you desire we can communicate directly with your provider to more personally discuss your situation. This can increase your confidence in your dental provider or indicate you may want to seek care elsewhere.  We are happy to answer any question you may have.
We bill only for the personal time we spend talking with you, or writing an opinion, not for evaluating most documentation like treatment plans, films-x-rays, and dental records.