Steven J. Baldwin, D.D.S.
Cynthia Scipioni, D.D.S.
Preventive General Dentistry
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Dental Services

Preventative Care

Our focus is to treat people holistically. We can show you how to reduce your risk for a number of diseases. We enjoy discussing numerous ways to improve your health with brushing and flossing techniques, unique materials, diet and an assortment of “alternative” procedures.
Restorative Procedures

There are many new or improved materials which can very conservatively restore or change your teeth and smile. We offer an array of restorative materials and procedures from extremely esthetic porcelains to 24kt gold foils. Discussing your concerns and needs will help plan the best treatment for you. The majority of services can be performed painlessly without anesthetic (no shots).
Reconstructive Procedures

Dr. Baldwin excels in difficult and complicated reconstructive procedures. Because of his experience and skills it is often possible to provide several types of services in a single visit. This can often eliminate the need for multiple visits with specialists. Crowns, onlays, bridges, implants, root canals and surgical augmentation procedures are available to restore ideal function and appearance.
Dental Surgery

Most oral and periodontal surgeries are performed in our office in
cluding simple and “wisdom teeth” extractions, periodontal pocket reduction and multiple types of tissue grafts. Dr. Baldwin was an Associate Professor at U.C.S.F Dental School teaching oral surgery for ten years. He also has been doing research and developing high-pressure water jets to do a number of medical and dental surgical procedures since 1992.

Pediatric Dental Care

Kids of all ages have always been a part of our practice. We enjoy working with them and welcome them as patients. A major emphasis of Dr. Scipioni’s practice is related to helping and treating children.

TMJ/TMD Chronic Face, Head and Neck Pain

Dr. Baldwin has extensive training and experience treating chronic head and neck pain. He has been a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California to evaluate and treat TMD and Chronic Pain cases.

Dr. Baldwin has been developing high-pressure water jets to cut tissues and perform a number of surgical procedures..