Our goal is to provide you with the best most comprehensive care possible.  We determine the optimal treatment for your specific needs not want the insurance companies dictate. Because virtually all insurance companies limit the procedures and materials that they will pay benefits on we have chosen to not be contracted with any dental insurance provider.  We accept ALL PPO plans but NO HMO / DPO plans. We are happy to do all the claim filing and required paperwork, and are very proficient in obtaining maximum benefits for you. If you are allowed to see a non-contracted dentist you will get benefits from the dental insurance company.  You will not be paid any benefits seeing us from any HMO / DPO dental insurance providers.  Some dental insurance companies like Delta Dental and Blue Cross will send the benefit payments directly to you.  In those cases, we expect to be paid at the time of service, and you will receive your benefit payment from the company in a few weeks usually.  Please understand that dental insurance is a benefit for you not us.  Each plan has very specific terms, limitations and exclusions, which are determined by the individual plan you or your employer has chosen.  You are fully responsible for any balances not covered or paid by the insurance company for any reason.  In order for us to obtain maximum benefits for you, we must have complete and accurate information, and for you to understand your plan and it’s limitations.

We must have:

Name of insurance company
Claims filing address and phone number
Subscriber’s name and birth date
Subscriber’s insurance ID number OR Social Security number, and Group number 

If you have more than one plan we need this information for every plan you might receive benefits from.

If you have any questions please contact us.  We are happy to discuss and help you understand your individual plan, it’s benefits, it’s limitations, and how to most effectively use it.

This list is NOT inclusive, and we would take any policy which does not require a person to only see a specific listed dentist (HMO DPO).

Aetna US Healthcare
Aetna Life Insurance Co.
Aetna / Prudential
Anthem Blue Cross
Automotive Ind Welfare Fund, Glen Slaughter and Assoc.
Benefit Administration Co.
Blue Shield
Blue Cross
Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Blue Cross Dental Claims
Canada Life Dental Claims
Cement & Mason Health Welfare
Cigna Health Care
Combined Insurance Co of America
Conneticut General
Delta Dental of California
Delta Dental of Colorado
Delta Dental USA
Delta Health
Delta of Arizona
Delta of Tennessee
Dental Claims Canada Life
Dental Guard Preferred, The Guardian
Dental Guard Preferred Guardian
Empire Dental Foundation for Medical Care
Employers Health Insurance, Humana
Federal Service Delta Dental
Foundation for Medical Care
Foundation Health
G.E. Group Administration
Golder West Insurance
Great West PPO
Group Dental Benefits, Phoenix Insurance Co.
Group Dental Insurance Standard Insurance Co.
Guarantee Life Insurance
Health and Welfare Trust Fund UFCW Bay Area
Health Net
Health Net Seniority Plus
Humana Dental Claims
Insurance Center Mid West Nat. Life
Jefferson Pilot Dental Claims
John Hancock Mutual Life Dental Claims
Managed Benefit Admin.
Met Life
Metropolitan Life Dental Claims
Neptune Dental Claims
Oakland Firefighters Health and Welfare Trust
One Health Plan Great West Life
Pacific Atlantic Admin
PMB 300 Tailored Benefits
Premier Access Insurance
Principle Financial Group
Principle Life
Protective Life Ins.
Prudent Buyer Dental Wellpoint Dental Services
Safe Health
Secure Dental Admin.
Security Life Ins.
Sierra Administrators
The Guardian
U.S. Life
United Health Care
United of Omaha Insur. Co.
Wellpoint Dental Bluecross
Wholesale Beer Industry Trust

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