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Dr. Baldwin first decided to be a dentist in 5th grade and that focus has driven his life for over 50 years.  It has always been his desire to be the best of the best and to offer the most complete high quality comprehensive care to people in a very personalized manner.  He works hard to improve the health and quality of life of every patient, and the community at large.  

During his years of undergraduate studies at San Diego State University he started a community preventive dentistry program, taught human anatomy and was involved in biochemistry research producing one of the first studies to show that chemical evolution is taking place on the planet today. 

He graduated with a BS in Genetics and a minor in Oceanography.  He then did his doctorate studies at the UCSF School of Dentistry where he obtained his DDS degree along with a second BS in Material Sciences.  After graduating in 1982 he started in private practice along with becoming an Associate Professor teaching Oral Surgery at USCF School of Dentistry. 

He also completed a residency program in TMJ /TMD Chronic Head and Neck pain after which he became a qualified medical examiner for the State of California doing evaluations of chronic pain patients.  Starting in the early 1990’s he developed proprietary high-pressure water jet technology for multiple surgical procedures and endodontic (root canal) research.

Dr. Baldwin has spent his life focused on helping people in need and working to improve the health of communities.  He has worked in several drug rehabilitation clinics, he helped start a Alameda County AIDS program for children, he has performed numerous community preventive dentistry screenings and education programs, and he has been awarded a Proclamation of Achievement for helping the children of Alameda county. 

Presently he works with the Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals providing essential care to people of need at no cost.
His desires to help are not only local though.  He has performed Medical / Dental care in Mexico, Indonesia, India, and Nicaragua.  In Nicaragua he was one of the first professionals to bring care to remote areas helping establish a community clinic where he still offers his services today.

On a more personal note Dr. Baldwin had a photography business for 35 years, mostly focused on world travels pioneering remote surf locations in Asia, the South Pacific and Galapagos Islands, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro,  rafting the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, the Bio Bio in Chile, and being involved in the  first successful descent of the Brahmaputra River in NE India.  To this day he is an avid surfer, kite surfer, skier and most recently the first person to be eFoiling Ocean Beach on a regular basis.

Dr. Baldwin is very unique in the extent of his experiences and training. Because of this he is able to provide extremely comprehensive integrative preventive care in an exceptionally personalized manner. Dr. Baldwin works with his wife Dr. Scipioni and they take extreme pride in providing a quality of care that is virtually not seen today.  They are very caring, creative, honest, trustworthy and skilled. They are personally available to answer questions and concerns while providing scheduling that is about your needs. 

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